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Engage Property - you wont see us in the Real Estate section of the newspaper, with the agents who SELL property. We are Property Management Specialists. We only MANAGE PROPERTY. We do it better, because its ALL we do.

Most Property Managers are relegated to somewhere out the back, or up stairs from the sales office.

Property Management is much more serious in our camp.

Quality Property Management isn't simple - but the outcome is clear.......keep the clients best interest at the forefront of everything we do.

Landlords can contact the Office Principal outside of normal business hours. They can speak to him directly. They can expect him to contact them to discuss what is being done to maximise their properties well being. Communication. That's normal at Engage Property.

In summary, we perform the following activities to look after our Landlords -

  1. Effective marketing of properties available for rent, using extensive internet coverage, so we find the best tenants................faster. Less vacancy keeps everybody happy.
  2. Comprehensive application process, ensuring the short list of applicants contains the very best.
  3. Extensive condition reports at tenancy commencement, including around 250 to 350 photographs.
  4. Regular routine inspections - with a report forwarded to the Landlord in writing and containing a current rent review - 2 times each year.
  5. Collected rent, disbursed to Landlords every fortnight (statement supplied)
  6. Annual financial year statement to make tax time easier
  7. Repairs and Maintenance effected by quality, and reasonably priced professionals.
  8. And last, but not least, a team you can talk to and who is motivated to serve you.

We look forward to serving you.